We found ourselves needing a GPR scan for an insurance issue, and time was of the essence.  Scott Wilson of Island Scanning was recommended to us, and he really came through!  Scott is highly responsive and cares about his clients.  He listened carefully to our situation, and then went to of his way to add our job to his very full schedule – attending and doing the scan after-regular-hours, which we greatly appreciated.  Scott is very personable and runs a reliable business with integrity – he did everything he said he would do, on time and on budget (which is a rare thing in this day and age).  If you need any structural GPR scanning work done, Scott is your man!  We wholeheartedly recommend him.  Thank you, Scott!

L.M. & J.M.
Cowichan Bay Homeowners

“You found all the waterlines coming through! Nothing hit or damaged thanks to your locates.

Kelby Wittach

On a recent project of ours we needed to core some holes to accommodate changes to the fire sprinkler design. One location in particular required two 5″ holes through the slab. Having been onsite when the deck was being formed, I knew that there was a lot of conduit and cable crowded together in the slab in that location. When Scott arrived to scan the slab it was raining so he had to scan it on a ladder, from the underside. He located and marked out all the conduit and bar in the area and found us the openings we needed. There was very little room for error. When we cored, the cores came out and not a single piece of conduit, cable, or rebar had been touched. We were all very impressed with and thankful for Scott’s accuracy. The reliable service the Scott provides is a great asset when making critical cores or cuts through concrete.

Owen Magnus
MGM Mechanical Ltd.

I have used Island Scanning for the last 6 years for concrete scanning and his ability and knowledge of scanning is far superior to any other company that I have used. Scott has some of the latest equipment and has always impressed me with his ability to accurately scan, identify and mark the locations of everything within the concrete. After many years in the construction industry there are few contractors that I can recommend as highly as I would Scott Wilson of Island Scanning.

Timothy Fitzmaurice

On a job for BC Hydro at their district office, we were contacted to locate in floor heating lines and rebar in Q-Deck suspended slab. We laid out the following with green representing rebar and blue representing water lines.

Here was the response following the completion of the job:

“Just wanted to let you know everything went well here. We drilled 20 – 4″ deep holes and managed to dodge all of the in-floor heating lines and rebar.”

Cam Hamilton

“I have used Island Scanning a number of times and on multiple occasions Scott has saved us from costly damage to service lines, including fibre optic cables and electrical conduits. Each time, the Engineers drawings stated that nothing was in the concrete at the locations we were cutting into. Now I consider Concrete Scanning to be an invaluable tool.”

Arie Vanderhoeven

“I have used Island Scanning for the last 4 years now and I can’t even put a value on the piece of mind I get when I use their services. Scott is a honest, reliable hard working man. I have no problem putting my name behind Island Scanning as I know that every person I recommend to Island Scanning will be taken care of with one of the best in industry. The detail and speed which Island Scanning has displayed to be on a constant basis has made them my only call when it comes to my concrete scanning needs.”

Troy Thompson
TGT Construction
Victoria, B.C.

“I’ve used Scott here at the hospital and he is really good. If your site’s floor is clear and the holes to be cored are not terribly far apart (400 sq ft approx.) he can scan 6-10 holes an hour.
City of Victoria made me get RJC to sign off all core holes as part of the framing inspection, I would bet this continues and is asked for by all municipalities soon.”

Cam Strachan