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Concrete scanning offered at affordable prices. Tapping into years of experience in both the concrete cutting and concrete scanning industries Island Scanning can offer insight unparalleled by others. Island Scanning prides themselves on great customer service and flexibility to fit your needs.

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What is the Service

Island Scanning offers concrete scanning using ground penetrating radar technology. Concrete scanning is becoming a staple in the construction industry. Many work sites require concrete scanning prior to concrete cutting to decrease the possibility of potentially costly structural damage. Concrete scanning can be used to locate items such as rebar, electrical conduits, CoreLine, water lines, wire mesh and drain lines.

Island Scanning marks out potential targets located in concrete on site providing clear and usable information for the concrete cutting crew that will follow. With their many years of experience, Island Scanning will also offer additional insights and helpful alternatives in areas and situations that are complex.

Reports are also available upon request.


Island Scanning uses ground penetrating radar, also known as GPR, to scan concrete. GPR uses devices and systems that send radio waves into the concrete that are reflected back to the device. The use of sending and returning the waves paints a picture of what is located in the concrete including the target’s depth. It also offers insight into the type of material that is located in the concrete. In addition to the GPR Island Scanning utilizes electrical locating equipment that can indicate if the targets located in the concrete are carrying an electrical current.